Friday, February 1, 2013

Dark Cloud

Sometimes I just want to know I matter.
Not just heard, but listened to.
Not just seen, but happy to be seen.

The comfort of a smile and a positive response.
The lunatic fringe isn't always desirable.
Looking through the window to see what's going on
isn't always desired.
Admiring others grow and prosper, pursuing their passions is great,
but not when it reminds yourself how you haven't.
Privacy and self-replenishment is a just reward
but sometimes shallow in victory.

Heart pumps tight in a restricted vessel.
Lungs squeeze, Thoughts fester.
Voice falters from lack of use.

Looking out from within doesn't provide solace now.
Seeking empathy, understanding, kinship
Unsure of form or fashion.

Need escape, temporary or long term unsure.
Need stimulus, not hurt
Need energy, if only for a fleeting moment.

But there's no place to go, no reason to flee, no desire to pursue.
There only is what is.
The underside view from the dark cloud.

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