Monday, October 24, 2011

to those whove ever wondered...

It was Spring of '86. The show at the time was Working, The Musical. I became friends with a guy who no longer is a friend by any stretch of the imagination. He opened up to me he was gay, and I eventually did, albeit quietly, come out. The theatre department had already decided I was, which explains the speculation and avoidance, but my coming out happened then.

At the same time, there was a LGBT group forming on campus. It was extremely brave at the time, but Tom did it. That group became the folks I still consider friends, for better or worse. I could be myself with them, say what I wanted to say, be what I wanted to be...although I was still very cautious and worried about what people thought of me. But they all let me get over it eventually.

I was fortunate to be a part of the LGBT community at Beloit College when I returned to college. I was so amazed by the students who were so confident then, knowing who they were without shame or fear. I wish I had a drop of that when I came out at UW-RF.

I was a little disappointed by coming out. Everyone talked about it like a parade with streamers and confetti would happen when I announced it. Instead, there was a peace that took over my personage that I never felt since I was in grade school.

That's how I've continued to live my life. It is what is, so mote it be.

Happy Coming Out Day!

By the way, I still feel that I'd be the only one who'd end up singing the hook like to Notorious B.I.G's Mo Money, Mo Problems while everyone at the gay bar is singing Diana Ross' I'm Coming Out.


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