Sunday, November 6, 2011

7th Grade English Class...

7th Grade English class – the class was at the end of the day.

Every year, there was a spelling bee. Every year, we all competed. The line was down to 3 students, including me. The teacher, looked at his sheet of words, got an evil smile on his face, looked at me, and said, “Masculine”.

The entire class erupted with laughter, including the teacher. I stood there, glaring at everyone individually. Some tried to cover their face, some looked away, some kept looking right at me – including the teacher.

I said, “What’s so funny?” No one stopped laughing. The teacher looked back at me and I asked, “What’s so funny?!” Some laughter died down, but the teacher just said, “Just spell the word.” I did. It was correct. We moved on.

The next day, we had another contest. He did it again. No one laughed that day. I spelled the word correctly again, but added, “Your little joke wasn’t funny today, huh?”

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