Sunday, November 6, 2011

I’m Not Sorry…

I’m not sorry you didn’t want to be around me – in public.

You were ashamed of being seen with me.

You didn’t want anyone to see us together.

What were you afraid of?

What people would think?

You didn’t want to be called fairy, faggot, fem to your face?

That was okay for me, but not for you?

How were you different?

Did your other friends make fun of you?

Hanging out with the fairy?...are you one too?

Was that what you were afraid of?

People think what they’re going to think.

People feel what they’re going to feel.

You. Can’t. Change. That.

Oh, so that’s why you bragged about your girlfriend the way you did.

You wanted everyone to think, “You’re a man.”

You’re somebody. You’re just like everyone else.

You’re not me. I bug you…or so you said.

I’m not sorry. It’s not my problem. It was yours.

Have the balls to claim it as yours.

Don’t pin your insecurity on me as if I represent all that you’re not (supposedly).

I’m only sorry for one thing. We WERE friends. Friendship is a gift. I take it away.

Hate yourself for all I care.

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