Sunday, November 6, 2011

I may appear smiling...

I may appear smiling, with no clue to the world. But don’t let that fool you.
Because you don’t know what’s going on in my mind.
Straight people are all “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

My life doesn’t revolve around spouses, soccer practice or other kid drama, but it’s still important.
I do more than work…really.
You can ask me about, I’d really like it if you do.
I’d like to talk about all the things you can’t do because your heterosexual lifestyle doesn’t permit itself to let you do.

After all, you all subject me to yourself to your heterosexual bullshit…how about some of mine?

I have to proceed with caution when the laws of attraction come into play.
As I wonder, “Is he really attracted to me?” I also have to add, “Or is he lost in his straight guy world?”
I mean, does he have a clue what he’s doing? Is he flirting with me, or just playing with my mind?
If I ask, will he feel threatened? Will I be hit?
If he asks, is he joking? Will he humiliate me in front of people?

And what if a straight woman is attracted to me and I say no. I’m gay, sorry not interested.
Will she persist, convinced all I need is a good fuck from the right woman to cure me of my problem?
Will she treat me like every gay hairdresser, gay interior decorator, or gay friend a straight woman has on every television program she’s ever seen…like a lap dog?
Will she politely go away or assume I want to be the Will to her Grace?

And what if I have an actual life, and am asked about it…will they realize I’m just as human as they are?
With real feelings, emotions, thoughts and desires…just like them? Would their world shatter if they realized…I’m just like them?
Could they still hold their right-wing, conservative, homophobic values if they realized…I’m just like them?

Or would they spontaneously combust on their own ignorance and hate, like time bombs?

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