Saturday, October 12, 2013

All it took was a single moment...

All it took was a single moment.
While other performers chose overwrought theatrics, she took a different approach. The stage was set with a white baby grand piano and she entered the stage in her true fashion. Wavy long blond hair and light blue off the shoulder cocktail dress with pumps that make her 5' 7" frame appear more statuesque. She played the opening chords of her multi-nominated song to the hush of the audience. Her trademark white soul voice this time was softer, as to not overpower the delicate piano arrangement she played. The camera focused on her intricate fingering or on her face singing in the microphone. She appeared transfixed on a point in the distance which appeared she was lost in the song's world. At this moment, all the audience, of her peers no less, could do is listen and watch in awe. They knew this moment would be one of the Grammy's most memorable performances.
The last note was sung. The last note was played. She sat at the piano, completely vulnerable, as the audience stood up and applauded. The night's telecast's finest moment certainly eclipsed the previous awards she won that night. What mattered to her at that given moment was her husband and stepson in the audience, beaming with joy and pride. Everything else was icing on the cake...and the Record of the Year Grammy she won soon after, was really nothing more than a flower decoration.

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