Saturday, October 12, 2013

what doesn't kill you...

...makes you stronger.
Does it?
Doesn't it paralyze you for a short period of time?
Make time travel slowly so all your thoughts happen at warp speed so you don't know what to think at any given point?
Doesn't it make you remember all the times you were happy coincide with all the times you wonder how you got into the situation in the first place?
Doesn't panic kick in, and hyperventialtion follow?
Aren't you reminded of places and times you'd wish you could have all over again, if for only the opportunity to be with all those people again...not necessarily the place?  
Will the poison that didn't kill you ever wear off?
And how the *#$#%Y does it make you stronger?
Does the strength come from "Don't touch that poison"?
Piss on all of it for now...I need Earl Grey and cello music...

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