Saturday, October 12, 2013

...speaking words of wisdom, let it be...

Others talk of their ride on the roller coaster, while others perform the trapeze. They like their thrill for the moment. The undeniable risk they take motivates from inside out, pushing the perimeter, rise or fall, catch or slip, twist or turn.

When will I take the next leap, they ask if I'm in their orbit even momentarily.
When the earth energy guides me away, letting me know where when and how to proceed. Energy needs cultivation, storage and protection for potential...all before kinetic flows out and away.

Grounding is healing. Sandalwood, green tea, deep diaphragmic breaths, singing bowls, chimes, universal love...let me feel the sun on my chakras, the cool air travel east to west around me, the absolute stillness from within and around...let me connect with Earth's vibrations...let me find purpose and inner meaning again...let me enjoy your kinetic energy...let me be...

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